A Gathering of Light

The message below is from our dear friend Carol, who, among many other things, organizes the Caring for Caemon Facebook page. We hope you will take part in this special event to help generate light and love around this next step on our path.


On December 3, 2012, Caemon is scheduled to enter the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) unit to begin preparation for his transplant.  The transplant itself is planned for December 12, 2012.

Preparation, or conditioning, consists of 10 days of very intensive chemotherapy which will destroy all his current bone marrow.  Then the new marrow will be introduced.

This conditioning phase is known to be very challenging for the recipient as well as the caregivers.  The patient becomes quite sick, even too sick to eat after a certain point.  He is very isolated and a great deal of precaution is taken to be sure no germs come into his realm.

It can be very frightening and overwhelming to think about what lies ahead for Caemon.  Even though the other side of this mountain is complete healing, the journey to that destination is described as harrowing.

A Sacred Ritual

We are asking ourselves and this wonderful community to hold this time for Caemon in a particular way.  We are regarding the conditioning and transplant process as a sacred ritual of transformation; a sacrament through which spiritual power will be transmitted through the physical.

Rrituals designed to lead to transformation usually include a time of preparation.  Cleansing, fasting and inner reflection is part of that preparation.  A special place to physically support that state of being becomes home.

To enter the Childrens Oncology ward where Caemon now resides, you must sign a health waiver at the desk, receive a nametag, then proceed through a set of double-doors into a specially filtered hallway.  You must gel your hands at one of the many gel dispensers along the way, and repeat this frequently.

The BMT unit is accessed through yet another set of double doors.  It is truly the inner sanctum.  Even more thorough cleansing is required to pass into this area.  When Caemon enters this inner sanctum on December 3, the sacred rite of his bone marrow transplant journey will begin in earnest.

We are holding this all as a spiritual process.  There are even parallels to sacred practices of many spiritual and religious traditions: The gelling of our hands as we enter the temple of the hospital is not unlike dipping into Holy Water at a Catholic church.  The isolation and fasting is akin to a Native American vision quest. The transference of body and blood is a communion of sorts, and truly a holy rite.

A Gathering of Light

We ask you, our beloved community, to come together through a ceremony of candle lighting. In this way we can unify our energy and move it toward and around Caemon, Timaree and Jodi. We can help light and warm their path.

On December 3, the day Caemon enters the inner sanctum of the BMT unit, please light a candle.  Whatever your own ritual or way of holding someone and sending energy is – be it prayer, meditation, writing a note to put in a special place or to burn, a moment of silence, movement,special music, or anything else – please make that part of your candle lighting ceremony.  It may take just a moment or it may be a longer practice.  Know that you are part of a group of many people that day lighting candles and connecting to Caemon.  All that light and love and energy will be merging together to form a sacred space around Caemon and his moms, and move with them as they step into that inner sanctum and begin this new phase of the journey.  As they settle into their new room and make it their temporary home, they will feel our actions throughout the day.

In your thoughts, prayers, and rituals, please include space for the young woman who is donating her marrow to Caemon.  She is anonymous at this time, but occupies a special place in our circle.  Send her loving support as she steps up to offer herself for this healing and transformation.

During the ten days of preparation and conditioning,  let us all care for our bodies in support of what Caemon is experiencing.  The more we honor our own bodies during this time, the more we will hold and honor Caemon’s body.  Whether that means some extra self-care, or even a cleansing ritual of your own during that period, know that treating your body with love and respect will enhance the energy that surrounds Caemon, Timaree and Jodi.

We will create another community ritual for the day of the actual transplant: December 12.  We will announce details as that date approaches.

And of course, once the transplant has taken place, the process of transformation is not over.  The recovery time can be many months.  Continuing to support Caemon’s body and spirit as he assimilates the new marrow will be part of our work together as a community.

A Time of Grace

The timing of this event is not coincidental, we feel…

On December 3, 2012 the planets will align with the Pyramids at Giza.  This is a very special and rare occurrence.

December 12, 2012 is of course “12-12-12”.  It is also the day of honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe, a revered icon of Mexican Catholicism. Certainly she will join in watching over Caemon.

We are entering the time of the solstice; a season of release and rebirth as we move into winter and then toward spring.  The seeds lie dormant under the earth, but they are alive and full of potential.  As we move through the months after Caemon receives his new bone marrow, the new life in him will grow and flourish along with all the life waiting under the earth to be revealed in the new year and the next season.

Thank you for all that you have given and continue to give.  It means more than we can possibly express.


Image courtesy of In Her Image Photography.



8 thoughts on “A Gathering of Light

  1. Thank you for this, Carol, and thank you to everyone who will participate. Everything matters; everything counts. Whatever you can do, we are grateful.

  2. This is a great idea! I will say prayers and light a candle for Caemon on the 3rd. La Virgen de Guadalupe is very important in our family and I will surely keep Caemon in my prayers that day as well. Sending love and prayers your way

  3. Caemon and his moms are in my thoughts daily as is the wonderful woman who is giving him her marrow. I’ve been keeping in my healthy positive thoughts, since I read that she was found. On the 3rd I will light a candle and it will burn all day. Does Caemon have a favorite scent:? Sending hugs, light and love to a special little boy, his moms, his family and close friends who I know are surrounding him with their love, as we all are in blogville.

  4. We will certainly join you. This transformation is deep and wondrous; Caemon must be an old and wise soul to travel this path with such bravery. And as the new year blooms, even before it blooms, so will Caemon.

  5. We will be lighting many candles for Caemon and saying special prayers for him (and all of you)! I get a really good feeling that all of this is going to turn out well and he will get through this challenging winter, and with the new season of spring, Caemon will be renewed with good health!

Thank you for your replies. We appreciate every comment.

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