A week ago, IMG_0373we welcomed our sweet baby daughter into the world–a little sister for Caemon, a new lease on motherhood for Jodi and I. We are overjoyed to introduce her to our community here.

We are all doing very well. Our daughter decided to show us right away that she is her very own person. Unlike her brother, who took a nice, long 36-hours of labor to arrive, she barreled into the world in a mere three and a half hours. And while Caemon was a whopping 9 lbs 11 ounces, she was a healthy 7 lbs 15 ounces. And most importantly, she is incredibly healthy. Having such a different start with her was good for us, for while she looks very much like Caemon, especially as a newborn, she is her very own person and shows us this in so many ways. 

Our days are mostly filled with jIMG_0403oy and newborn fatigue right now. It’s such a relief having a child in my arms again, having someone to care for. I won’t lie: it’s exhausting caring for a newborn, and with that exhaustion and all of the changes comes occasionally more pronounced grief. It’s hard not to wonder what Caemon would think of this little girl. It’s hard not to miss him in all new ways. That will take some time to work out, I suppose, and I imagine I will have plenty to say about these new transitions here.

But all those worries I had about loving her enough or as much as Caemon? They have been washed away in these first seven days. I am so in love with this little person–just as in love as I was with Caemon. I feel her healing my heart, showing me again just how beautiful it is to be someone’s mother.


One last note: On this blog, Caemon’s sister will be known as Little Sister. We would like to give her a small amount of privacy (as much as one can in this age). She didn’t ask to be in the spotlight, so we want to respect that. If you know us in person, we respectfully request that you keep her name private as well.

19 thoughts on “introducing…

  1. She is one truly blessed little girl to have found you and Jodi! Congrats!!! Welcome to the world Little Sister. Your mamas are simply the best! xoxo

  2. Oh my god you guys, congratulations. Congratulations times a billion!!!!! Welcome back to the joy of motherhood.

    Ps- birthday buddies? Maybe? Our daughter came on 7/28

    • Congratulations! Little Sister was born in the evening on the 26th, so close anyway! It looks like they were nearly the same size. 🙂

  3. So glad to know that your little girl has arrived. She is beautiful, just like her moms. Can’t wait to get to know her better.

  4. congratulations,  She is a cutie.  So happy fr all three of you. I`m sure Caemon would really love his little sister. Enjoy your little bundle of joy.  Donna and Gordon Wells  

  5. Welcome Little Sister!!!! You are absolutely precious! Those curious eyes, they are what remind me of Caemon the most. Newborn-ness, so exhausting, so wonderful. Good luck Mamas!

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