Thirty Days of Caemon–Day 7: Savoring the Sunrise

Shortly before Caemon died, a friend suggested that we put out a call for a minute focused on Caemon at sunrise, so, as some of you may remember, we put out the call to our beautiful community, and people sent sunrise photos in droves. There were sunrises shaped like crocodiles, sunrises in the fog, sunrises from atop mountains and over the ocean. And since then, people still send us photographs of the sunrise in honor of our son. To many, the sunrise will never be the same, we have been told, and so I share with you a note from the woman who started it all:

Caemon made many in his Great Circle see the sunrise a little differently. When Angela and I traveled up the mountain with Carol, to watch Caemon’s special sunrise over Sonoma, we could not have hoped any harder, prayed any harder, or loved any harder, a little boy we never even had a chance to meet. When I see the sunrise, I will forever think of Caemon, and the love I had for him in those moments.

Thank you for your replies. We appreciate every comment.

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