day zero update

I want to write a more detailed post about this tomorrow, but I know there are many of you wanting to know how Caemon is doing. The transplant today went very well without any complications. While  he didn’t have complications from the infusion, he is now struggling quite a bit from the mucositis* that seems to be coming on strong in his belly and throat. Therefore, he has been placed on a continuous morphine drip today. He has also been started on IV nutrition, as his interest in food and his ability to eat has all but disappeared for now. Regardless of these factors, he is still doing well and even played a little today. Still, it seems our little caterpillar may be entering his cocoon. That’s okay. It’s what he needs to do.

We are so grateful to those special people who were with us today and to all of you for holding us in your thoughts and prayers all day long. I will bring you the story of today’s events along with photos sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, we all need sleep.


*Mucositis is one of the more difficult effects of chemotherapy resulting in the breakdown of mucous membrane in the mouth and all throughout the digestive tract. It is characterized by extremely painful ulcers and inflammation. 

9 thoughts on “day zero update

  1. My heart aches for him knowing that he’s suffering so much but I’m overjoyed that he’s starting this leg of his journey.

  2. All three of you are constantly in my thoughts. A little worried right now about the mucositis but I know it will clear up. Looking forward to your next post. Will pray hard for pain relief and quick healing.

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