dreams and gratitude on day -1

I had a dream last night, while staying here at this family guest house, that I walked into my room to find an enormous family sitting around eating food I had prepared and carrying on like it was their own space. There were dozens of people crammed into this small room, and as I entered (a little annoyed that so many people were occupying a room in which I had intended to sleep), these people started to look at me. They stood up and started to form a circle around me. They had such love in their eyes, such warmth and light coming from them, and soon, I realized they were all here, waiting to hold me up.

Yesterday, Jodi and I received an anonymous piece of mail with two gift cards and a beautiful note. Two days ago, a woman, whose own daughter went through BMT at this hospital just two years ago, brought BG some special gifts and us a dose of hope. On a semi-regular basis, we receive donations, care packages, cards in the mail from people we have never met. We have a group of moms who take care of our home, family who comes to take care of us in the hospital, dear, dear friends who step in innumerable ways to make our lives easier through this time. Just over two weeks ago, hundreds of people all over the world, both our loved ones and complete strangers, lit candles for our son and our family.

Those people in my dream, they were clearly all of you–you beautiful souls who keep finding ways to hold our family up and who just want our boy to get better. The support you are offering our family is so powerful and offers us so much hope in these darkest of times. We are humbled and honored and blessed to know all of you. We are more grateful than you can imagine to have your love and healing thoughts coming toward our boy.

Today is Day -1. Tomorrow is Day Zero. Tomorrow is transplant day, Caemon’s new birthday. I know I will see all of you, both familiar faces and those that are less so, surrounding our family with love in your eyes, and that brings me so much comfort.

16 thoughts on “dreams and gratitude on day -1

  1. Love, prayers and positive energy is all around you. We will be thinking of you all tomorrow and a candle will be burning.

  2. I love that you had such a visual and visceral experience of all the love and support that is surrounding you. Beautiful. ❤

  3. Sending your family love and good wishes across the Pacific Ocean from Aotearoa New Zealand. ‘Nga mihi o Ra Whanau Caemon’. This is one of two ways of saying happy birthday in Maori language, and is the one that literally means ‘greetings for the day of the family’ which seems so appropriate in this case.

  4. Your story, your love for your family, Caemon’s strength, are influencing people around the world.

    I don’t know you, or your family, at all– but your story hast touched me. When Caemon was matched with an unknown marrow donor, I realized how important donation is. I signed up to be a bone marrow donor last week.

  5. Thank you for your beautiful dream. We are never alone, and your family makes us all feel the love that is available in the universe. I wish Caemon receives the bone marrow and it fills his body with all that he needs. Much love to you. Laura

  6. Hello Jodi, Timaree, and Caemon. The day is here and I am praying the bmt goes smoothly and is simply a routine procedure. I am praying that Caemon is back to his new self in record time and pain and fear are non existent. Looking forward to your next post and holding all of you up in prayer and light.

  7. I’m thinking of all three of you today and hoping the surgery goes well. Here’s to a speedy recovery for BG, I know he’s gonna rock it!

  8. It’s Thursday. I’ll be wearing my orange Caemon T-shirt. Your dream of people surrounding you and Jodi was a beautiful metaphor for your wide circle of support.

  9. I’m off to spend the day with my mom and granddaughter. We will hug a little longer, laugh a little louder and say an extra prayer for your beautiful, strong, brave son today. The candle is lit in my heart for Caemon, both of you and all the people who will be with you today, both in the physical and in spirit. Love and strength.

  10. Hoping and praying that all goes well today! Caemon is surrounded by love, light and all that is good in the world! We are here to support you guys, and to hold you up. Caemon will now begin to heal and re-emerge as a healthy boy, strong, and unstoppable! You guys are amazing and wonderful! We love you precious Caemon!

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