I will write a proper post later with all the details and photos, but our little family is at home. Caemon’s blood counts have been coming up steadily, and for now, he’s doing very well, so his doctors thought it would be great for him to get some time off. Initially it was to be for the weekend, but now it’s through Halloween. We’ll  go back Thursday, sooner if Caemon spikes a fever or has any signs of his leukemia rearing its head again, but for now, we are here. It is so, so good to be home.

14 thoughts on “home!

  1. I’ve been following your journey from Australia. Heidi from IHI has been a loved and loving friend for over 20 years. I just want to say how pleased I am to hear you are having some special family time at home.
    Reading about how dear Caemon just wanted to run down the hall and outside when he was in the hospital, gives an inkling of how difficult this is for him. And how difficult it must be for you, his mothers who love him so dearly.
    For some things in life there are no words so I’ll just send you hugs across the oceans
    Tricia xoxo

  2. These are some.of the best words to see. So many people.were really praying for a bit of peace your family. Hope its a lovely time. We love you all.


  3. Such fantastic news! Happy Dance!!! 🙂 Enjoy this time, sending you all stay healthy thoughts. Smiling from ear to ear.

  4. Zahrah was so happy to hear that Caemon is able to get in his own bed for a few nights! We are so glad to hear he is doing better!

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