Tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., Caemon will get his last dose of chemotherapy for this round. We will continue watching his blood counts fall–something we want to see–until they then begin to rise again. In the meantime, he is considered neutropenic. This is a time during which the neutrophils–a type of white blood cells–fall to a very low number resulting in a lack of immune defenses against all varieties of infections.

Today, it seems our boy might be struggling with one such infection–some sort of gastro-intestinal bug. This means he is back on “precautions” (restricted to his room), and he’s not feeling very well. He is also the recipient of three different major antibiotics. We’re waiting on some lab results to find out exactly what the bug might be. In the meantime, we hope he quickly recovers and gets back to his spunky little self.

Fortunately, this hasn’t taken all his spark. He is now calling the nurse’s station anytime he has an issue. He will press the button, wait for someone to respond, and state, “I need my medications now,” or “My line is occluded (pinched),” or “I’m ready for a linen change.” We can hear the nurses/receptionist on the other end trying to stifle their laughter. Some of them have started to answer, “Hi Caemon! What can I do for you?” We love how much they appreciate him here.

More updates as we have them. For now, please send all the energy you’ve got to help him get over this latest hurdle.

4 thoughts on “neutropenic

  1. I just found your blog, I’ll have to go back and read from the beginning (of your other blog). I did not want to wait until then to tell you that I’ll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Caemon is quite a charming little man, making his own guacamole, hanging out in his nurses uniform. No wonder they are so in love with him. Sending you (((hugs)))….not creepy type hugs just hugs from a grandma of a 1 year old who can not even imagine what you all are going through.

  2. I am not surprised he has won the heart of all the nurses. I hope he is feeling better soon and ready to start driving his car to the nursing station.

  3. Love is always coming your way! Darn, I’m so sorry he has a tummy bug. I was hoping he might be up for a treat when I come on Thursday. I’ll check in with you and see if there is anything he might like!

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