new digs

If you’ve been following Caemon’s journey so far, this will be the best new place for detailed updates on his progress, his moms’ thoughts on everything, and plenty of cute pictures. Please feel free to send people here. We welcome the readers! More later. For now, I just wanted to thank you all for visiting.

5 thoughts on “new digs

  1. Thanks T for blogging here. The old site made it so hard to keep up with you. As always, lots of love coming your way.

  2. I’m following your journey. I’m childhood friends with Carol Allison. Many prayers for Caemon and your entire family. ❤ NEGU ❤ (Never Ever Give Up. Jessie Rees Foundation) Stay strong Caemon!!!!!

  3. Hi mamas and Caemon!
    Welcome to your new digs! I’m glad you moved, that donate button was misleading. I’m going to try to figure a way to donate $ but for now I’m sending you all love and strength and good wishes for fun Halloween Festivities to distract and create fun and games. I know Isobel, almost two, is suddenly fascinated by it. So I bet Caemon is super excited! Big hugs and lots of healing energy coming your way:)

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