birthday eve

Three years ago tonight, I was in a hospital room progressing well into labor. Our boy took his time making his way out into the world. He tested his moms, his grandmother. His birth was nothing short of beautiful. The moment I met him was the greatest of my life. I immediately knew this boy, loved him immeasurably, knew I would do anything for him.

Tonight, three years later, we sat in a hospital room as this beautiful boy received platelets. It seems he may need these pretty regularly now. Because his PICC line was removed, he has to endure multiple pokes–for blood draws, for IVs. I wish I could do it for him. He is so brave though. It hurts, and he lets us know, but he recovers quickly and is eager to be distracted.
We’re home again tonight after a long day at the hospital. I am so glad our boy gets to wake up in his own bed on his birthday. I’m eager to offer him surprises, to give him a special day, and to celebrate the blessing he is to us all.

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